Let’s look into the Clinique brand’s current animal testing policy and cruelty-free status in 2022.

Are Clinique Products Cruelty-Free

Is Clinique Cruelty-Free?

Is Clinique cruelty-free? NO!

A brand is considered cruelty-free when it is not involved, directly or indirectly in any form of animal abuse. Clinique allows the sale of its products in certain countries that require by law to conduct animal testing before they are released in the market and the adherence to this law of testing products on animals does not make Clinique a cruelty-free brand.

Clinique is also listed on PETA’s list as a brand that DOES test on animals.

Is Clinique Sold In China?

Is Clinique available in China? YES!

Clinique products are sold worldwide, including China. And China is one such country that mandates animal testing of cosmetics as a pre-requisite for brands that want to sell in their products in mainland China.

The Chinese law states that products that fall under the cosmetic category which include make-up, perfume, skin-care, sunscreen etc (except oral care and soaps) and are manufactured outside China have to undergo mandatory testing on animals before they can be permitted for sales in stores in China.
Apart from pre-market tests, products are also pulled out from shelves and tested, especially after a consumer complaint.
And this is the main reason why products that sell to mainland China cannot be considered completely cruelty free as it always runs a risk of being subjected to animal abuse.

This law applies to only mainland China and brands that care about being cruelty-free choose to not sell in mainland China and may instead import to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. They are known as Special Administive Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China and the animal testing policies of China are not applicable here.

Is Clinique Vegan?

Is Clinique vegan? NO!

A brand can be considered Vegan if, one, it does not have any ingredients (active or inactive) that are derived from animals and two, if it is not involved in any form of animal cruelty or abuse.

Clinique is sold in China where animal testing is mandatory and these tests are often financed by the brand so as to obtain the necessary approvals for sale in the Chinese market. This means that the brand is involved in animal cruelty, even if it may do so to adhere to laws and regulations.

Clinique also does not have products that have 100% plant derived ingredients. Retinol which is an active ingredient in its anti-aging serums is an animal-derived source of vitamin A. Its products also contain beeswax, lanolin, carmine and other such ingredients that have been derived from animals.

And because Clinique is neither cruelty-free nor does it have completely plant derived ingredients, it is NOT a vegan brand.

What Is Clinique’s Animal Testing Policy?

Clinique’s animal testing policy is mentioned on its contact us page under General queries. It states,
Clinique Laboratories, LLC. is committed to the elimination of animal testing. We are equally committed to consumer health and safety, and bringing to market products that comply with applicable regulations in every country in which our products are sold.

We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law. We evaluate our finished products in clinical tests on volunteer panels.
Clinique Laboratories, LLC. fully supports the development and global acceptance of non-animal testing alternatives. To this end, the Company works extensively with the industry at large and the global scientific community to research and fund these alternatives.

Big brands such as Clinique are always committed to eliminating animal testing but when it comes to putting money where their mouth is, they choose putting money in their pockets instead by choosing to set aside ethics and ‘adhere to laws’. And as stated, they conduct animal testing on products when required by law.

Clinique Products

Is Clinique Owned By A Parent Company?

YES! Clinique is owned by the Estee Lauder group of Companies. It is a subsidiary of Estee Lauder and was founded in 1968.

The parent company Estee Lauder is also listed on PETA as a company that does tests on animals.

What Does Clinique Sell?

Clinique is an American skin-care and cosmetics brand for men and women with products ranging from moisturizers, cleansers, sun screen, makeup and it also has a fragrance line.

What Is Clinique’s Current Cruelty-Free Position?

Clinique’s position in 2022 is that it is NOT a cruelty-free brand.

1) The brand directly engages in animal testing
2) The brand has suppliers that engage in animal testing
3) The brand permits a third party to test on their behalf
4) The brand tests on animals when required by law
5) The brand sells products in stores in mainland China despite being aware of the country’s mandatory animal testing policy

I Use Clinique Products. What Can I Do To Help?

Talk to the brand. If every single person who cares writes to the brand, bombarding them with emails and messages to share their concern about how the brand’s decision of indirectly supporting animal abuse does not sit right with its loyalists, they may listen. Over the years, so many countries have understood the importance of life and changed their policies and adapted new methods of safety and regulations and if big brands use their power so will China change its laws and until that day, we need to show solidarity by pulling out of the Chinese market and not support any form of cruelty towards animals.