Let’s look into the Becca brand’s current animal testing policy and cruelty-free status in 2021.

Are Becca Products Cruelty-Free?

Is Becca Cruelty-Free?

Is BECCA cruelty-free? YES!

BECCA is originally an Australian brand, founded in 2001 in Perth and has been a cruelty-free brand since inception. It does not test its products on animals or use ingredients that have been tested on animals. BECCA also does not sell in countries, where animal testing of cosmetic products is mandated by law.

BECCA is a PETA certified brand and also displays beauty without bunnies (cruelty-free) logo.

BECCA was acquired by the Estee Lauder group of Companies in October 2016. Estee Lauder is a company that tests on animals when required by law. However, since the acquisition, BECCA as a brand has continued to maintain its cruelty-free status and is not available in countries that are required to test on animals by law.

Is Becca Sold In China?

Are BECCA products available in China? NO! BECCA does not sell in mainland China.

As per the Chinese law, products under the cosmetic category which include make-up, skin-care, hair-care products etc (except oral care and soaps) and are manufactured outside of China are required to undergo animal testing before they are cleared to be safe for sale in mainland China. This law is applicable to brands looking to sell in physical stores and not when sold and shipped online directly or through a third party app.

Apart from such pre-market tests, there are instances where products are pulled out from shelves and tested upon, especially after a consumer complaint and such tests can be performed without informing the company and hence any brand that sells in China runs the risk of having their products tested on animals. For this reason, if a brand chooses to sell in mainland China it cannot be considered cruelty-free.

Additionally, the animal-testing law applies only to mainland China and not Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan which means that brands that sell in these countries can be cruelty-free.

Is Becca Vegan?

Is BECCA a vegan brand? NO!

Although BECCA is a cruelty-free brand as it does not test its products on animals nor is it sold in countries that mandate such tests, BECCA products contain ingredients that are derived from animals.

They state in the FAQ section of their website, BECCA Cosmetics does not claim any of our products are gluten free or vegan.

And because BECCA does not have 100% plant derived ingredients and formulas, the brand is not vegan.

What Is Becca’s Animal Testing Policy?

BECCA does not have an independent page that mentions their stance against animal testing. They have addressed this as a question in their FAQ section which states,

BECCA is and will remain a cruelty-free company. We do not test our products on animals and we will continue to hold true to this principle.

BECCA aims to be a cruelty-free company and have mentioned they do not test on animals. However there is no mention about not being available in countries which require testing on animals by law which can be interpreted as there being a possibility in the future now that the brand has been acquired.

Becca Products

Is Becca Owned By A Parent Company?

YES! BECCA was acquired by Estee Lauder in 2016. The parent company Estee Lauder has in recent years purchased a lot of smaller brands to increase its own market share and brand presence across the globe.

Estee Lauder is certified by PETA as a company that does TEST on animals.

What Does Becca Sell?

BECCA is a mid range cosmetics brand that sells foundation, primer, highlighters, concealers, lipsticks and make-up tools.

What Is Becca’s Current Cruelty-Free Position?

BECCA is a CRUELTY-FREE brand in 2021. Despite its acquisition it has maintained its cruelty-free position and will do so till it initiates sale in countries like mainland China.
It’s parent company, Estee Lauder, however, is not a cruelty-free brand.

I Use Becca Products. What Can I Do To Help?

Post the acquisition, many loyalists of the brand were disappointed as they thought BECCA would follow suit and eventually have it’s cruelty-free status dropped as it happens with most acquisitions where in the name of growth and expansion, ideals are lost. Write to the brand, tell them you appreciate that they have maintained their vision of what they set out to be when they started and you hope they continue to do so.